Kindergarten program is an extension of the classroom and prepares students to join the K-2 group

K-2 and 3-5:

ZASP offers a diverse curriculum for each age group. This allows your child to interact and build friendships while maintaining confidence in his/her age level.


The Radical Awesome Field Trips is our Tuesday field trip program for grades 3,4 and 5. It is a collective, enriching experience that includes hiking, museums, tour around the state.

Homework Club:

Is a formalized, structured quiet time that provides students with an opportunity to complete their assignments as well as take part in extracurricular activities while a the program.

Drama Program:

Our annual production is directed by our staff and is an important aspect of the program. Students go through a step by step working toward are annual production.

Sports Programs:

ZASP offers students in all grades an opportunity to learn how to be a teammate and work within a team. We host seasonal sports with defined goals of teaching healthy competition and good- sportsmanship. Flag football, Gym Hockey, basketball, and Soccer leagues.

Social Interactive Play:

ZASP understands the importance of free play/ Students are given opportunities on a daily basis to have down time and build social connections through indoor and outdoor play and collective experiences.

Healthy snacks!

We are providing a healthier snack to all students.

A choice of fruit daily, and snacks that have no high fructose corn syrup and spring water is served daily.

Examples include; Skinny pop, goldfish, graham crackers, veggie sticks, wheat thins, cheese and crackers , organic tortilla chips, pirate booty, pretzels, wheat thins, cheese and crackers.

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